The Bible

Reading the Bible backwards, the ‘opiate of the masses’, Physics 2.0, and the resurrected yet scarred body
Always Plan A, sharing in Christ’s sufferings, a Disney fairy story, and the offensive incarnation
Ruth and Naomi, ‘chesed’, trips to the theatre with John Stott, and an unorthodox rabbi
Investing in the next generation – Lessons from John Stott and others
Purity culture, beyond complementarianism, baggy t-shirts over swimming costumes, and recovering Tamar’s voice
The Brethren’s suspicion of the ‘world’, an explosion of joy, Eric Liddell’s sprinting epiphany, and celebrating beauty


The science of the billions-of-years-old Earth, has God deceived us, and are philosophers so useless after all?
Murder on the neonatal ward, Munchausen’s by proxy, doctors versus nurses, and the banality of evil
“Our goal with technology should be to have more healthy humans, not to create some kind of super humans”