End of life care

Living faithfully as we approach retirement, dependence, dementia and death
It is vital for Christians to learn the difference between dying as the world understands it, and ‘falling asleep’ in Christ, as the New Testament writers describe death
How caring well for those suffering from dementia is an act of witness to our Christian hope
Learning to embrace our God-given frailties and limitations as we age and decline
Why Christians must choose to reject our age’s obsession with autonomy as they approach the end of their lives
Many assume that retirement is all about ticking off the bucket list of life’s great experiences. But for Christians, deep joy in our golden years is found elsewhere
Listening to our bodies, 72 unique behaviours, multi-dimensional personhood, and the sacramental ministry of touch
Navigating the transitions of later life
Polarised culture wars, the challenge of elder care, and childlike sexbots
Judicial activism, suicidal ideation, reasons to stay alive, and Hippocrates’ successful medical practice