Assisted suicide and euthanasia


The contradictions which underpin anti-suicide efforts in an era of euthanasia, and are there any honest and unbiased journalists left these days?
Suicidal ideation, no crystal balls, conscientious objection, and Hippocrates’ successful medical practice
Judicial activism, a ‘reasonably foreseeable’ death, the unacceptability of suffering, and reasons to stay alive
Isolated elderly people, altruistic suicide, a second childhood, and a crucified hero
Resisting assisted dying, the ‘superskill’ of listening, DNAR discussions, and euthanasia-free-zones
The Meacher Bill, radicals in the Lords, Canada’s slippery slope and fragile conscience protections
There are a number of practical problems and inconsistencies with the Meacher Bill. But first it’s important to consider the Bill’s underlying assumptions and philosophy
Bringing in a euthanasia regime in Britain would open us to a slew of profoundly dangerous unintended consequences
Putting into practice our convictions against euthanasia means taking seriously end of life care
Dementia, an ageing population, the costs of living longer: what is driving the vigorous campaigns to legalise death on demand?