The science of the billions-of-years-old Earth, has God deceived us, and are philosophers so useless after all?
A stem cell ‘Mini Me’, CRISPR, Brave New World, and extending the 14-day limit
Tracking coronavirus variants, the immorality of mutation, roughly one thousand hominids, and intelligent uncertainty
Finding common ground, the cosmic watchmaker, interpreting Genesis, and a 6,000-year-old Earth?
Astrobiology, 16 billion billion Earth-like planets, LUCA and the non-competitive Imago Dei
Are humans the culmination of the universe and will we determine the fate of our planet this century?
The James Webb telescope, extra-terrestrial life, hobbits of the universe and the doctrine of creation
Listening to the Global South, alienation from creation, throwing pebbles into God’s river, and rediscovering lament
‘Delay means death’, media apathy, Extinction Rebellion, and fatalism among the young
The ‘Google baby’, Oliver O’Donovan, 14-day-old embryos, and techno-optimism