The church

The ars moriendi, open casket funerals in Derry Girls, the end of Christendom and ethical quietism
Overlap with Catholicism, chronological snobbery, rejecting one-size-fits-all ethics, and ‘worldly’ versus ‘spiritual’ matters
‘I’m less worried about lethal autonomous weapons. What’s most scary are intelligent computers which can simulate compassion.’
Hidden wounds, premature quintuplets, embryo donation and the procreative-unitive bond
Mark Driscoll, the hermeneutic of suspicion, Sigmund Freud’s chaise longue, and Paul-Timothy relationships
Double listening, salt as preservative, incarnational mission, and the challenge of evangelical hagiography
‘Uncle John’ was a brilliant witness of how to live graciously and incarnationally
Remembering my friend and mentor, and how his wisdom has shaped my life
What can we learn from this hero of the faith about how lay Christians can be released into gospel service?
How this pandemic is unlike anything before