The church

Ruth and Naomi, ‘chesed’, trips to the theatre with John Stott, and an unorthodox rabbi
Investing in the next generation – Lessons from John Stott and others
Purity culture, beyond complementarianism, baggy t-shirts over swimming costumes, and recovering Tamar’s voice
How are young people different to those who came before, and what can we learn from them?
The Brethren’s suspicion of the ‘world’, an explosion of joy, Eric Liddell’s sprinting epiphany, and celebrating beauty


Karl Barth’s complicated home life, and single Christians considering adoption
Empty Nightingale hospitals, difficult triage decisions, a failure of Christian leadership, and reconsidering lockdown
Deadly rumours on WhatsApp, a ‘Panopticon’ of censorship, the corrosion of trust, and China’s spreading surveillance state
Second Contact, avoiding the fate of Nokia, hacking the human operating system, and the resilience of Western democracy
Walks in the Garden of Eden, David and Jonathan, covenantal clarity, and red flags