Emotional resilience, the bio-psycho-social model, the power of story, and depression in the Psalms
Power dynamics, the psychiatrist as brick wall, casualties of social media, and over-pathologising distress
The Panopticon at home, evangelising to retirees, existential angst in the House of Lords, and rejecting self-sufficiency
The ars moriendi, open casket funerals in Derry Girls, the end of Christendom and ethical quietism
Overlap with Catholicism, chronological snobbery, rejecting one-size-fits-all ethics, and ‘worldly’ versus ‘spiritual’ matters
Do Protestants have answers to the pressing social questions of the day?
Blake Lemoine and LaMDA, trillions of words, mute idols, and the God who speaks
The book reconsidered, the Moscow State University reading list, audiobooks, and the decline of the reading Christian
Psalm 139, reconsidering ‘ensoulment’, the language of right and wrong, and co-operation with evil
Tracking coronavirus variants, the immorality of mutation, roughly one thousand hominids, and intelligent uncertainty