The James Webb telescope, extra-terrestrial life, hobbits of the universe and the doctrine of creation
Listening to the Global South, alienation from creation, throwing pebbles into God’s river, and rediscovering lament
‘Delay means death’, media apathy, Extinction Rebellion, and fatalism among the young
The ‘Google baby’, Oliver O’Donovan, 14-day-old embryos, and techno-optimism
What is the source of the beauty, deep order and awesome complexity of the cosmos?
Untangling personhood from consciousness, substance dualism and neurological reductionism
If the Cartesian definition is “I think therefore I am”, a Trinitarian version of that is “I am loved, therefore I am”
My hospital unit’s success in treating very ill premature babies and their brain injuries threw up difficult challenges about defining personhood
Dismantling one of the ‘great lies of our time’