Artificial intelligence

Will the next generation of highly convincing AI chatbots really transform society?
Advances in technology mean intelligent machines are likely to play an increasingly important role in our future
The Eliza effect, algorithms reading lung X-rays, the problem of other minds, and adventurers on Mars
I-Thou relationships, talking to stuffed animals, thanking Alexa, and Turing red flag laws
Blake Lemoine and LaMDA, trillions of words, mute idols, and the God who speaks
How can we avoid making future intelligent machines idols in our own image?
Isaac Asimov’s Three Laws, fauxbots, whimpering miniature dinosaurs, and inherent or conferred personhood
Will it be good for us to throw off the ‘friction’ of living as embodied beings?
Human uniqueness, AI musicians, surveillance capitalism and ditching Google