March 7, 2019

Bringing in a euthanasia regime in Britain would open us to a slew of profoundly dangerous unintended consequences
Putting into practice our convictions against euthanasia means taking seriously end of life care
Dementia, an ageing population, the costs of living longer: what is driving the vigorous campaigns to legalise death on demand?
Charting the long, and so far unsuccessful, attempts to introduce euthanasia to Britain
Unpacking the oldest, and perhaps most compelling, case for assisted dying
Should humans always be the ‘master of their fates’ and ‘captains of their souls’?
Beginning with the Netherlands, a growing number of jurisdictions around the world now permit forms of assisted suicide
‘We are most ourselves not when we seek to direct and control our destiny, but when we recognize and admit that our life is grounded in and sustained by God’
The drive to legalise euthanasia is not based on compassion for those suffering but a concern for autonomy
“If you don’t know where you are going, it’s sometimes helpful to know where you have been…” — William Temple