The Bible

Listening to our bodies, 72 unique behaviours, multi-dimensional personhood, and the sacramental ministry of touch


Christian pacifism in times of war and the Tower of Babel reconsidered
Tithing, second-hand stuffed toys in Turkey, the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and one-hundredth of a guide dog
Walks in the Garden of Eden, David and Jonathan, covenantal clarity, and red flags
The hermeneutic of suspicion, Classical ideals, scandalising middle-class Vienna, and the ‘mysticism of materialism’
Emotional resilience, the bio-psycho-social model, the power of story, and depression in the Psalms
Isolated elderly people, altruistic suicide, a second childhood, and a crucified hero
Overlap with Catholicism, chronological snobbery, rejecting one-size-fits-all ethics, and ‘worldly’ versus ‘spiritual’ matters
Do Protestants have answers to the pressing social questions of the day?
The book reconsidered, the Moscow State University reading list, audiobooks, and the decline of the reading Christian