Talk: Do we have a right to die? How the church can respond to the campaign for euthanasia

For many Christians assisted suicide seems like a compassionate choice

There has been a regular stream of tragic stories in Britain in recent years of desperately ill people who wanted to die because they felt their lives were not worth living. Many societies around the world have been wrestling with the question of whether some form of medically assisted suicide should be legalised. How does the Christian faith engage with these controversial issues and how can we respond to those who wish to kill themselves with compassion and care?

In 2015 I preached a sermon at All Souls Church, in central London, on whether we have a right to die and how Christians can work through the issues around assisted suicide and euthanasia. It was part of a series called A Faith for Today’s World? A Story to fit 21st Century Challenges, and you can listen to it below.

I explore similar ideas at much greater length in my book Right To Die?.

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