The Final Lap

Navigating the transitions of later life

Life’s a marathon with many highs and lows along the way. As we approach retirement we transition into a new stage of our race, presenting us with a range of possibilities and pitfalls to navigate.

In this short book I try to invite Christians to think through how we can approach the next stages of life well: moving from work to retirement, then independence to dependency, and finally from life to death.

Honest about the struggles of each transition, The Final Lap lays out wonderful opportunities God gives in every stage. The more prepared we are to face each transition as it comes, the better we can face the challenges and embrace the future with hope and joy.

As someone who has recently moved from work to retirement, I found this book encouraging and challenging. John Wyatt has given us a unique and immensely helpful book.

Paul Mallard, author

Reading this book I stopped now and then and punched the air with joy. It is warm, encouraging and realistic. It views older people as the Scriptures do, with lives planned by God in advance. Each stage is imbued with God-given purpose: you experience ‘your heart’s deepest gladness’ when you find yourself doing what you were created for.

Louise Morse, writer and speaker, Pilgrim’s Friend Society

In The Final Lap, John provides a unique, comforting and profound insight into the three major transitions that are likely to happen in the later stages of life, a topic that has been long waited for, for commentary and discussion. He gently confronts the fears our society often hold around life post-retirement… This extremely digestible and positive read will encourage and inspire all who find themselves in later life, as well as those of us who offer pastoral care and support to this precious generation.

Pippa Cramer, pastoral care and seniors minister, Holy Trinity Church, Claygate

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