Webinar: The doctor’s conscience

What is our conscience, is it reliable, and can we bring it onto the wards?

The conscience is a challenging and complex concept, especially when applied to the work of a physician. In philosophy, the conscience is a highly contested notion, but it exists in Biblical thinking as an essential part of our humanity – and a reflection of being made in the image of God.

In August 2021 I took part in a webinar for the International Christian Medical and Dental Association exploring how Christian healthcare professionals should understand and use their conscience in their work. You can watch it below:

You can also view and download the slides from my presentation below:

I have also uploaded a few other resources tackling this area of conscientious objection in medicine:

Article: The doctor’s conscience
The doctor who refuses to fit in with the agreed protocol because they have a conscientious objection is seen as problematic

Debate: Your conscience, my health, whose right to refuse?
It’s not obvious how much society should accommodate medical professionals who have moral objections to certain procedures

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