The Robot Will See You Now

How can Christians understand and prepare for the challenges posed by the development of AI and robotics?

The last decade has seen dramatic advances in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, raising tough questions that need to be addressed. Co-edited by me, The Robot Will See You Now considers how Christians can respond to these issues – and flourish – in the years ahead.

We’ve gathered an excellent array of writers, theologians and experts who explore a wide range of social and ethical concerns raised by the coming AI revolution. What will the rise of artificial intelligence mean for medicine, employment, security, art – or even deeper questions about what it means to be human?

The Robot Will See You Now offers a measured, thoughtful view on how Christians can understand and prepare for the challenges posted by the development of AI. This is a book for anyone who is interested in learning more about how AI and robots have advanced in recent years, and anyone who has wondered how Christian teaching relates to artificial intelligence. Whatever your level of technical knowledge, The Robot Will See You Now will give you a thorough understanding of AI and equip you to respond to the challenges it poses with confidence and faith.

“This book can be profitably read by non-Christians and people of no faith, as it touches on matters of human nature and autonomy that affect us all. It eschews easy answers and often raises difficult questions but, in doing so, renders us all a service.

From the ever-present danger of reductionist thought to the implications of lethal autonomous weapon systems, from the vital concern for human dignity to consideration of the highly contested nature of consciousness – not to mention many other dimensions of AI – these essays cover an impressive range of aspects of the implications for AI that will, there is no doubt, affect all our lives.

Consideration of the impact of AI on our lives is not a matter of purely philosophical or theological speculation: it is both practical and urgent. I defy anyone to come away from this book without being moved and challenged – unless, that is, the reader is a robot. But that is another story.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, in his foreword

“Detailed analysis of key areas where AI is being deployed now and where serious Christian and ethical thinking is needed. A lively collection of essays and a very welcome contribution to an emerging field.”

The Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft, in his review for the Church Times

I have also recorded an episode of our podcast Matters of Life and Death with one of our co-authors, the Theos researcher Nathan Mladin. You can listen to it here.

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