Judicial activism, suicidal ideation, reasons to stay alive, and Hippocrates’ successful medical practice
‘None of us can avoid fundamental questions about what it means to be human. These issues are far too important to be left to doctors’
The book reconsidered, the Moscow State University reading list, audiobooks, and the decline of the reading Christian
Psalm 139, reconsidering ‘ensoulment’, the language of right and wrong, and co-operation with evil
Doubts over the brain scans, the end of ‘doctor knows best’, sucked into the culture wars and protective power of attorney
The invention of ‘brain death’, a breakdown in trust, the child’s best interests, and how to turn off life support
Libraries of recipe books, BRCA1, Gattaca, and Big Data Towers of Babel
The prohibition on soothsaying, transcending genetic determinism, a client-technician relationship and Heidi Crowter’s joyful self-advocacy
Peering into the unknown, less than 1/150, blood tests over the internet, and disability doublethink
Dogs and Guinness on the wards, complicated grief, DNAR discussions, and resisting assisted dying