Podcast: The surrogacy industry and the ethics of paying for pregnancy

Can Christians ever get behind 'wombs for rent'?

Prior to the outbreak of war in 2022, Ukraine’s lax surrogacy laws made it a major destination for so-called ‘reproductive tourism’ for infertile and same-sex couples who wish to have a baby. This practice, which is sometimes decried as ‘wombs for rent’, has been growing in popularity in recent years. In some places including Britain it is tightly regulated, but in other, mostly poorer nations it is a commercialised wild west. Concerns about exploitation and neo-colonialism abound, while there is also significant debate over whether it is ethical to start a family in this manner. I joined my son and podcast co-host Tim Wyatt to discuss this on the Premier Unbelievable show with Justin Brierley, to promote the relaunch of our own podcast Matters of Life and Death on the Premier network.

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