Podcast: Thank God It’s Monday

How can Christians working in healthcare sustain and grow faith, while also seeing God at work in their hospitals and clinics?

The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity (LICC) run an excellent podcast series called Thank God It’s Monday, hosted by my friend Mark Greene. In it, Mark interviews Christians working in different industries and sectors about how their faith intersects with their jobs. I was privileged to join him and A&E doctor Ben Chang for a recent episode focused on medicine.

Working in the NHS is emotionally and physically stressful. In their fields, Ben and John regularly face life-and-death decisions, all while under immense pressure to perform in a tough work culture. How do they avoid drowning in it all? How do they sustain their faith – and how do they maintain a sense of purpose? Together with host Mark Greene, Ben and John explore how they see God at work in everything from major treatment decisions to small acts of kindness towards colleagues and patients, and the opportunities they get to improve the often negative culture in hospitals. They chat about the massive difference a little positive feedback can make, and wrestle with the tricky ethical questions they have to navigate in their work.

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