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Death and spirituality during a pandemic

For many years death has been described as perhaps the final taboo in British society. Rarely it is deemed polite to mention the uncomfortable fact that one day we all will die, let alone try to bring faith or spirituality into that conversation. But in the midst of a pandemic which has already claimed over 50,000 British lives in various ways, is that changing? And how as Christians can we be modelling a different way to approach death – and serve those in their final days – particularly in these stressful and frightening times? In this episode of Matters of Life and Death we resolutely break the taboo and talk about death, about dying and about spiritual care.

In 2018 I published a book called Dying Well which drew together some practical and down-to-earth advice on how to approach the final years, months and days of one’s life. But over all, it all seeks to offer clear direction, warm reassurance and confidence in the One who has already conquered death.

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