Interview: How to die well

Why does our Western society have such an unhealthy attitude towards death?

I was recently a guest on the podcast/YouTube show Triggernometry, where hosts Francis Foster and Konstantin Kisin interview a wide range of thinkers, experts, journalists and more. I spoke about my book Dying Well and why our Western society seems to have such an unhealthy attitude about death. You can watch it below:

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  1. Veronica Newman

    Where has this man been? It is social media that has been helping ordinary people to reach out to one another not the pandemic. The structures of local groups were already in place. The community hall websites in South Wales that coordinated the flood relief responses in Feb 2020 carried on. The idea that people who lost their homes, their jobs, mental health, relatives in care homes, should be sad about going back to normal is astonishing.

  2. Sylvia

    Anyone interested in the subject of “dying” should watch Dr Peter Fenwick’s video on YouTube. He is a doctor who has looked after and researched people and their death – fascinating talk !

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