Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis

Reflections by a Christian medic on dying well during the pandemic

I have contributed a chapter to a new book, Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis, which considers the sad reality that the pandemic will result in many more people seeing a loved one die. Entitled ‘On Dying Well; Reflections of a Christian Medic’, the chapter seeks to offer some guidance for those navigating this terrible time. I hope it offers comfort and Jesus-centered advice both for those contemplating their own death, as well as anyone grieving the loss of a family member or friend.

You can now buy the book directly here – it currently costs just £2.99 for a digital edition to read on a Kindle or similar platform. A physical paperbook is also coming soon.

Edited by Luke Cawley and Kristi Mair, Healthy Faith and the Coronavirus Crisis features a smorgasbord of contributions exploring the impact of the pandemic on everything from loneliness to unemployment, from prayer to evangelism. A host of leading writers and thinkers, including Tom Wright, Krish Kandiah, Kate Wharton, Dan Strange and Jill Weber, have written thoughtful and practical chapters for this very timely work (and in a very short space of time).

For more thinking on the pandemic, please take a listen to a series of episodes on coronavirus on my podcast, Matters of Life and Death, where we consider how Christians might respond to the crisis.

You can find other resources on coronavirus on this page.

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